Rueban & Ketura's Honey and Honeycomb.  CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AS OF JANUARY 2018.

Pick up prices from our private home at 14 Kybean Street, Riverhills, Qld 4074 Australia.
250 grams plastic jar of raw organic honey           $5

1 kilo jar (plastic or glass) of raw organic honey   $15

5 kilo plastic bucket of raw organic honey              $65 ( = $13 per kilo)

500 grams slice of raw organic honeycomb           $13
600 grams slice of raw organic honeycomb           $15
700 grams slice of raw organic honeycomb           $17 (just 2 left)

Collected from Riverhills, Pullenvale, Mt.Crosby, Moggil and Holand Park, QLD, Australia.

Raw, organic honey and honeycomb - directly from a 4th generation apiarist (bee keeper.)

Collected from our bees and hand spun out in our kitchen.  Strained to remove excess wax and bottled - labelled with the date and location where it was collected.   

We are ethical bee keepers and only take the bee's excess honey.  Happy, health bees love to work and will get frustrated and fly away if their hive is too full.  This is seasonal as the bees take a break during Winter.  There are no guarantees in bee keeping!  We never know how much honey they will have.  We frequently sell out.  We are only very little bee keepers and only have a few hives in our garden and in a few different locations close to us.

Beeswax - gently cleaned (may still contain the odd bee wing tip) and ready for use in making candles, balms, didgeridoos, etc.
80 grams                                                              $10
1 kilo                                                                      $50 

Beeswax Body Balm
Naturally heal nappy rash, eczema, dry skin.  Ingredients: Australian extra virgin olive oil, Australian organic beeswax and Ausralian organic honey.
50 grams                                                                $5
100 grams                                                            $10
230 grams                                                            $20

Beeswax Lip Balm
Full sized 4.5 gram white twist up tube.  Ingredients: Australian extra virgin olive oil, Australian organic beeswax and Ausralian organic honey.
Unlabelled                                                           $1.80
Labelled                                                               $2.00

Beeswax Honey Soap
Made by Vivianne K Handmade Soaps, using our beeswax and honey.  Ingredients: saponified olive oil, coconut oil, flax seed oil, castor oil, organic beeswax and organic honey.
1 bar (shrink wrapped and labelled)                           $6

Beeswax Candles
100% pure beeswax.  Hand poured in our kitchen.
Tea light in glass case                                                  $2
Tea light refill                                                                  $1
Stout pillar candle in glass jar with lid                      $15


Please call 07 3376 5382

or text 0438 760 643

or email: ruebanandketura@optusnet.com.au

Pick up is usually available 7am - 7pm, 7 days a week.  Please contact us first to confirm a suitable day and time.

Cash only.  No card facilities available at this time.

14 Kybean Street, Riverhills Qld 4074

Please be aware that you are purchasing from a private home - with 5 children.  

We welcome everybody.  

Our large dogs do not.  

Please ring the bell and we will bring your order out to you.

Thank you for your support!

Rueban and Ketura and kids.


About our bees, our honey and our methods...


Commonly Asked Questions
Where do you get your honey from?

 We personally have beehives at the bottom of our garden.  Through years of careful breeding, our bees live quite happily in among our 5 kids, dogs and fruit trees.  These spoiled little bees are regularly checked and given the best/newest boxes and frames we can buy and make.  We have introduced new, specially bred, queen bees that breed calm and excellent workers. The bees have rewarded us by providing an astounding amount of honey.  And their pollination activity means our flowers and fruit trees are also benefiting!  

Rueban is a Registered Biosecurity Entity (RBE) (formally known as a beekeeper or apiarist) with the Queensland Department of Primary Industries.  Our brand is 'E318'.

Check our Facebook page for regular photo updates on our hives!  There are also some short videos of Rueban working with the bees, extracting the honey and more... 



We only sell our honey via this website, ebay, telephone, email and/or facebook orders.  Having 5 children, selling at markets is not easy for us.  Selling via the net and direct from our doorstep is the logical answer and adds an extra dimension to our family beekeeping.

We strive for 'Best Bee Practice' in that our honey is 'ethically collected' - what does that mean?

It means we do not exploit our bees. Our queen bee's wings are not clipped, so they are free to fly away at any time if they do not like the way we look after them. With quality bee boxes kept in better repair than our own house, this hardly ever happens.

We only ever take honey from the bee's excess; happy, healthy bees love to work and will get frustrated and fly away if the hive is too full of honey.

Our bees have permanent sites.  They are not trucked hundreds of miles to chase different flower blooms. They are truly free range and free to live out their lives in peace; making honey if they want to, with no stress or pressure.  And we think honey tastes sweeter from un-stressed bees...

 How do you get the honey out of the honeycomb? We spin the honey out of the honeycomb by hand, in a small 6 frame stainless steel extractor, without any heat or chemical methods.  This natural, cold-process method ensures that this honey tastes exactly as it does the day the bees sealed it in their hive.  All that we have removed are the bees and the wax.  It is classified as “live” or “raw” honey – with high healing properties.  We filter it to remove most of the wax and the odd broken bee wing.  Then after settling, it is bottled.  Because we bottle our honey in such small quantities, we can label our honey with the day it was collected.

 Why are you not "Certified Organic"?  Our honey is organic - produced using methods that do not contain genetically modified organisms or unnecessary chemicals, are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents or chemical food additives.  

However, the government does not hand out certificates just because you meet all the organic requirements.  In fact, the Australian government does not set any organic standards at all - rather, it allows various private organisations to set standards and charge fees to issue "Certified Organic" certificates.  The basic price for such a certificate is $1,000 - with a percentage of all future sales to be paid to the organisation.  To put it simply, we cannot afford it just yet. 

Some companies will issue a "Certified Organic" seal of approval, while still allowing the use of chemicals/antibiotics as long as 'it is necessary for the life of the hive.'

The best way to find truly organic honey is to purchase it from a bee keeper you know and trust.

We have submitted our honey for testing as part of the Oz honey project. It has been found to be very clean and even registers as having some properties found in Manuka honey. It takes 1 - 2 years for honey to fully develop it's medicinal qualities. We will publish our results when we receive them. (As you know - we never seem to be able to keep honey on our shelves for very long, so we didn't have any aged honey to give them!) We hope that our involement in this project will help develope an acurate rating scale for Australian honey, like New Zealand has. You can view the project at: https://ozhoneyproject.wordpress.com/

How long will honey last?

Real honey will never go "off".  It will last indefinitely.  Crystallized, or candied, honey has been found in Egyptian tombs, still perfectly edible after thousands of years.  Crystallized honey can be returned to smooth honey - if desired - by standing the jar of honey in a basin of warm water, or by placing on a sunny window ledge for a few hours.  Some people prefer the taste of crystallized honey.  A teaspoon dissolved in a cup of hot water with a little lemon can help heal and relieve common colds.  (The honey that you can buy in the supermarket has been treated (heated to 60 to 100 degrees celsius) so that it will flow smoothly out of the bottle.  It will look exactly the same forever - however, it is dead.)
Our honey will naturally eventually  crystallizes.  Our honey may take years to show the slightest crystallization, while the Tea Tree begins to crystallize at the slightest cold weather.  This is what real honey does.  

We are always happy to answer any questions.  We are proud to offer you our completely natural honey.  The real proof is in the taste.  Welcome to the wonderful world of real honey!  

And on behalf of the bees, thank you for growing flowers in your garden.

ITEMS AVAILABLE FOR POSTING can be found on our eBay store.  Our seller id is kitsune_tora.  Or you can copy and paste the following link in your browser: http://stores.ebay.com.au/Keturas-Honey-and-Honeycomb?_trksid=p2047675.l2563  Purchasing through eBay is the simplest way for me to receive your order, address and payment .  

Please note: due to increasing local demand, we are no longer able to post honey or honeycomb.  It is always best to try to consume local honey. 
You can check the 'Honey Map' on this website to find a local bee keeper.  http://www.beethecure.com/ 

Please forgive the limitations of our very simple website; we are beekeepers - not businessmen!